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Size : 3.7 Mb
Language : English, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish
Compatibility : Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch
Requires iPhone OS 2.2 or later
Current version © 2009 Skype Limited :
with 14633 ratings

All versions :
with 118274 ratings
What's New :
Version 1.2.2:
- Fixed crashing due to special characters in contact names.

Version 1.2.1:
- Fixed crashing in Dialing and History.
- Fixed erroneous handling of international prefixes.
- Fixed crashing due to special characters in contact names.

Version 1.2:
- Set up call forwarding from your iPhone – forward Skype calls to a phone number when you're not signed in.
- Improved performance and better audio quality on Skype-to-Skype calls.
- Even easier to send text messages (SMS) - Send SMS from the Call tab.
- Calls are connected much faster.
- Status of your contacts is updated more often.
- You can now decide whether you want to stay online/offline when the iPhone is locked. We've added this into settings.
- Contact groups are now supported, making it easier to see who is online and separate your saved phone numbers.
- You can now edit the name of your saved phone numbers.
- Added support for skype: URL schemes in Safari.
- When creating a new account the country in your Skype profile is taken from the language used on your iPhone.
- Group chat profile pictures are now shown.
- You can now remove your profile picture.
- Added a 'Help' link to 'Forgot your password'.
- Improved support for proxy configurations.
Skype gives you free calls and instant messages to anyone else on Skype. You can also call landlines and mobiles and send SMS anywhere in the world, at great rates. Skype is free to download and easy to use.

Free Skype-to-Skype calls

With Skype on your iPhone or iPod touch, simply sign into Skype from any WiFi zone, and call friends and family on Skype totally free.

See who’s online and instant message them

Sign into Skype via a mobile data connection (3G, Edge, GPRS) or WiFi and check who’s online - then instant message them whenever, and wherever the mood strikes.

Save money on calls and texts to phones abroad
Call phones anywhere in the world at great rates from any WiFi zone, and send low cost texts (SMS) via a mobile data or WiFi connection. 
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Please note: Skype is not responsible for errors or crashes which result from modifications to the underlying iPhone OS.
You won't find any crack for Skype © 2009 Skype Limited nor IPA on To get quality Apps, just go to the AppStore.


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