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9,999 Ringtones Uncensored FUNNY Speaking Ringtone Creator

9,999 Ringtones Uncensored FUNNY Speaking Ringtone Creator

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Publisher : No Tie Software
Size : 8.0 Mb
Language : English
Compatibility : Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch.
Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Current version 1.0 :
with 0 ratings

All versions :
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Create 100% unique UNCENSORED Talking Caller ID ringtones for every contact! You type, it talks! PLUS combine Intro Sound FX! Type several lines of text to create any message you want! iPhone users can use ringtones as alarm clock alerts so you can have a message like 'Chris, wake up, it is time to take your sleeping pills!'

Also, non-iPhone owners can create ringtones using an iPod touch and download their custom soundfiles in .aiff format for use with other phones (check with your phone provider)!

Includes funny voices: Space Alien, QuietTime (whisper) and Robot!

Works like our AutoRingtone apps (see, BUT those have you type your name and your contact's name. With Ringtones Uncensored, you can type any message!

Why 9,999? We demo'ed this to a lot of folks and they loved it! But they said we should charge per ringtone using In-App Purchases! FORGET THAT! We are users of apps, too, and we hate being nickel-and-dimed! So create as many ringtones as you want! 100, 1,000, even 9,999! Heck, let's make it UNLIMITED! Help prove that making this service UNLIMITED was the right decision! Tell your friends about this great app & please write a review on iTunes! Already our users have created TENS OF THOUSANDS of custom ringtones and you can do the same! Pay one low price and CREATE AS MANY RINGTONES AS YOU WANT!

Retrieve ringtones at by logging in with the same email address you entered in the app! This way, you can select which custom ringtones you like, and you don't have to worry about getting 100's of emails going to your spam folder!
9,999 Ringtones Uncensored FUNNY Speaking Ringtone Creator
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