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Words With Friends Free

Words With Friends Free

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Publisher : Newtoy Inc.
Size : 2.8 Mb
Language : English
Compatibility : Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch
Requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later
Current version © 2009 Newtoy Inc. :
with 882 ratings

All versions :
with 12443 ratings
Also exists in free version : Words With Friends
What's New :
* Push notifications
* Swipe to delete
* Facebook/Twitter integration
* New letter point values
* New letter distribution
"5 Stars! ... the best word game in the App Store today. If you’re a fan of Scrabble don’t miss out on this excellent App Store release." -OS X Reality

"It's ultimate-Facebook-time-waster Scrabulous, on your iPhone. And it works." - Offworld


- Turn-based crossword gaming in your pocket!

- Works over Edge, 3G and Wi-Fi

- "Random Opponent" finds you a game automatically!

- "Pass and Play" feature for local games

Intuitive interface makes playing Words With Friends a breeze. This is the word game you've been waiting for!

* Note to iPod Touch Users: You will need a Wi-Fi connection to play Words With Friends.
Words With Friends Free
You won't find any crack for Words With Friends Free © 2009 Newtoy Inc. nor IPA on To get quality Apps, just go to the AppStore.