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Shave Me!

Shave Me!

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Publisher : Metaversal Studios
Size : 2.1 Mb
Language : English
Compatibility : Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch
Requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later
Current version © 2009 Metaversal Studios :
with 319 ratings

All versions :
with 1282 ratings
What's New :
* Bug Fixes
"Shave Me!" is now compatible with any iPod Touch or iPhone!

Yes, you can finally shave in public with your 1st Gen iPod Touch.

So, go crazy!

Shave the world!

"Shave Me!" introduces the first true all-purpose hair-shaving interface for the iPhone.

Use it to draw pictures. Use it to write messages. Heck, just use it to burn off some of the day's stress! It's oddly therapeutic!

Just use your fingers to shave off the hair. If you're good, you can get a nice smooth shave on the second pass. But don't shave too much, or you might cut yourself!

* Multi-touch support
* Vibration on cut
* Blood
* Shake-to-regrow
* Stereo sound effects
* Allows iPod playback; enjoy your personal soundtrack while shaving!

If you enjoy this experience, check out "Hot Dog Down a Hallway", which features action-packed gameplay and a meaty achievement system!
Shave Me!
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